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HUSKEY ENCLOSED GEAR OILS - Specially formulated all-purpose high-pressure gear oils compounded to be more reliable even under the toughest conditions. Recommended for almost all worm, spur, herringbone, and planetary gears; excellent for industrial gear applications, automotive transmissions, steering boxes, etc.

Available in S.A.E. 90wt., 140wt., and 85w-140 grades.

HUSKEY ENCLOSED MOLY GEAR OILS - Specially formulated extreme pressure gear oils fortified with submicron molybdenum disulfide (moly) to provide maximum protection against friction wear and shock loading found in severe conditions. HUSKEY MOLY GEAR OILS contain special polymers to help quiet older gear boxes. Designed specifically for extremely harsh conditions found in industrial and heavy equipment gear applications such as cranes, rolling mills, open pit and underground equipment, gate lifts, etc.

Available in S.A.E. 90wt., 140wt., and 85w-140 grades.

HUSKEY "HLO" SERIES OILS - Heavy-duty multi-functional type oils designed for hydraulic systems, gear cases, and general lubrication. They provide outstanding rust and oxidation protection, ensuring longer service life. Formulated with special additives to condition seals and reduce leaking.

Available in S.A.E. 10wt., 20wt., 40wt., 50wt., and multi-viscosity grades 5w20 and 10w40.

HUSKEY "N-500" SERIES OILS - Superior quality multi-purpose lubricants designed for use in air compressors and general lubrication. They are low carbon-forming, high-viscosity index oils which protect at elevated temperatures and high pressures. They lower maintenance costs by reducing carbon and varnish build-ups.

Available in S.A.E. 10wt., 20wt., and 30wt. grades.

HUSKEY S-800 Series Oils are formulated from pure synthetic base stocks then coupled with the latest additives available to assure maximum wear, oxidation and corrosion protection. HUSKEY S-800 Oils Series were primarily designed for all types of air compressors. These versatile oils are offered in several viscosity grades to meet the different needs of rotary vane, screw type and reciprocating compressors. Because of their excellent anti-wear, anti foaming and wide temperature characteristics, they exhibit outstanding performance when used as turbine oils, hydraulic oil, gear oils, and chain oils.

Available in ISO Grades 32, 46, 68, and 100

HUSKEY OCL-G Series Oven Chain Oils are formulated from selected blend of high viscosity index synthetic esters and premium additives coupled with HUSKEY'S newest proprietary extreme pressure additive which forms a tough durable film of protection from friction, wear and corrosion over a wide temperature range to over 550°F. HUSKEY OCL-G Series Oven Chain Oils were designed for chain and bearing applications in lithograph ovens, heat treating, paint dryers, kilns, stenter frame chains and most other high temperature conditions. Due to their excellent low foaming and anti-wear characteristics they also an excellent choice for heavy-duty industrial enclosed gear sets that require an ISO 220 or ISO 320 grade oil.

Available in ISO Grades 220 and 320

HUSKEY OCL C-603 Chain Oil is a pure synthetic, heavy-duty, clear, non-staining, high temperature chain oil designed to provide long lasting protection from friction, wear and corrosion over a wide temperature range to over 500°F. HUSKEY OCL-C 603 was primarily designed for lubrication of high temperature, high speed chains, bearings and guides used in painting and printing oven applications. However, the colorless aspect of HUSKEY OCL-C 603 lends itself to uses where no staining of the product by a chain oil is required. It was developed to have a low surface tension for penetrating into the pin of the chain where lubrication is critical.

HUSKEY LPC GEAR OILS are high performance, full synthetic, all-purpose gear oils formulated with HUSKEY'S new proprietary SEM (Surface Eutectic Modification) additive. The revolutionary new SEM technology makes it a Lower Power Consumption (LPC) gear oil, hence the name LPC Gear Oil. They offer maximum wear protection under extreme operating conditions such as vibrations, scuffing, oscillating motions and shock loads, where metal asperity contact occurs. They meet or exceed all major gear oil specifications, original equipment manufacturer requirements and wind turbine manufacturers. HUSKEY LPC GEAR OILS may be used on all worm, spur, herringbone and planetary industrial gear sets. Some applications include highly loaded gear boxes used in the paper, steel, oil, textile, lumber and cement industries where gear protection and maximum oil life are required. Because they protect against micro-pitting wear, have excellent filterability and a wide temperature range, HUSKEY LPC GEAR OILS are highly recommended for wind turbines. Available in I.S.O. Grades 220, 320 and 460