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Lubricating Greases - High and Low Temperature Greases

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Lubricating Greases -
High and Low Temperature Greases

HUSKEY COOLUBE GREASE - A high quality, multi-purpose, anti-wear grease designed to give better lubrication in more applications over a wide temperature range. Applications include: all bearing surfaces including fan bearings, conveyors, couplings, universal joints, etc.

Operating temperature -40°F to 400°F

HUSKEY 105 HI-TEMP - A high temperature, extreme pressure, non-melting grease formulated from high-quality paraffinic base stocks and coupled with the most modern additive to provide a tough durable film ensuring lasting protection against wear, rust, corrosion and oxidation. Does not contain moly, graphite or clay fillers. Designed primarily for use in elevated temperature. Huskey 105 may be used in a wide variety of applications which include bearing sand slide in ovens kiln cars, heat treating, electric motors, conveyors, etc.

Operating temperature -5°F to 580°F

HUSKEY TUFF STUFF GREASE - A superior quality, multi-functional, extreme pressure grease designed to provide unmatched parts protection in normal and severe service applications. Its polymer based formula is fortified with HUSKEY'S newest proprietary extreme pressure additive which forms a tough durable film for protection from friction, wear and corrosion over a very wide temperature range. It is recommended for all roller, sleeve and pillow block bearings, bushings, couplings, universal joints and sliding services where a multi-purpose or extreme pressure grease is required.

Operating temperature -20°F to 400°F

HUSKEY HTS-2 MOLY GREASE - A premium-quality, pure synthetic, high temperature grease fortified with molybdenum disulfide (moly). Designed primarily for long service in severe high-temperature applications. HUSKEY HTS-2 is also excellent for low-temperature service requirements. Applications include bearings and slides in ovens, heat treating plants, motors, conveyors, etc.

Operating temperature - Grease base -35°F to 500°F;
Dry film to 850°F