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Lubricating Greases - Semi-synthetic Greases with PTFE and Moly

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Lubricating Greases - Semi-synthetic Greases with PTFE and Moly

HUSKEY MOLY-GRAPH GREASE - A heavy-duty, non-melting, multi-service grease designed for all moderate to high speed plain, journal and anti-friction bearings operating in adverse conditions and over a wide temperature range. It is fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide (moly) and Graphite that create a synergistic plating action that enhances load capacity, improves metal surfaces and greatly reduces friction and wear. Designed for a wide variety of industrial, automotive, mining, construction and agricultural equipment.

Operating temperature 0°F to 400°F

HUSKEY MOLYPLEX GREASE -A semi-synthetic, extreme pressure, high-temperature, water-repellent grease containing molybdenum disulfide (moly) designed to give an "armor like" plating on metal surfaces operating in severe load applications found in mining, steel plants, construction, logging and transportation equipment such as roll mills, cranes, presses, couplers, jack-screw splines, loading arms, etc.

Operating temperature 0°F to 450°F

HUSKEY TF-1000 - A multi-service, non-melting, extreme pressure grease formulated with PTFE. This completely water-resistant adhesive lubricant is designed to mechanically plate metal surfaces with a PTFE film to provide maximum protection against friction, wear and corrosion.

Operating temperature 0°F to 450°F,
intermittent to 550°F