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Sometimes the job demands precision machined parts above and beyond the normal realm custom precision designs, exceptional materials and rare specialty parts that are few and far between. All Seals’ Precision Products are a class unto themselves. They’re ideal for OEM applications where normal industry standards don’t fit the requirements. We can meet your most demanding specifications and tolerances with custom engineering design and manufacturing.

We also have a world-wide network that can access the most difficult to find products.

For more information, quick quotations, expert consultation and responsive customer service call us at 800.553.5054.



  • CNC lathes and mills
  • Swiss type turning equipment
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Precision glass manufacturing

- Grinding: OD with tight tolerances
- Cutting: Regular shapes

  • Irregular shapes
    - Drilling: Through holes
    Stepped holes
    Shaped holes
    Opposed face hole
  • High precision stamping and forming

- Sheet or coil metal stamping
- Deep drawn stamping
- Progressive stamping

  • Multifunctional assembly line for subassembly or finished products
  • Quality: ISO9001 AS9100 REVC


  • Stampings
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Plain bearings
  • Machined plastic
  • High performance plastic
  • Tight tolerance seals and bearings
  • Tight tolerance machining
  • Glass lenses


  • Quick quotations
  • JIT/Kanban programs
  • Pre-production and MRO kitting
  • Part identification markings
  • Special packaging options
  • Barcoding
  • Material selection and development assistance
  • Custom design capabilities
  • Coatings: PTFE and dry film lubricants of all kinds
  • In-house Micro-Vu (computerized non-contact visual inspection systems)
  • Fully automated Basler
  • 100% inspection capability
  • Parts washing to remove trace elements
  • Seminars and on-site training
  • And much more...