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Why make the rounds searching for rubber compounds when they're all right here in one convenient place? All Seals has developed nearly 500 different rubber compounds, in a variety of materials and hardnesses to satisfy virtually every conceivable requirement. And if your application requires unique properties and/or capabilities, we'll develop a compound for you!

The tables below describe our most commonly specified rubber compounds, as well as an overview of some of our specialty rubber materials. The information presented here is necessarily general in nature and abbreviated in scope. For more specific information or expert advice, please contact us and speak directly to an experienced compound professional.

Aflas® (AGC Chemicals) TFE/P
Butyl Rubber IIR
Carboxylated Nitrile XNBR; CNBR
Chloroprene Rubber Neoprene® (duPont); CR; polychloroprene
Ethylene Acrylic Rubber Vamac® (duPont); AEM
Ethylene Propylene EP; EPDM; Vistalon® (ExxonMobil)
FEP/PFA Encapsulated O-Ring Teflon® Encapsulated O-Ring
Fluorocarbon Rubber Viton™ (DuPont); Dai-El® (Daikin); FKM
Fluorosilicone Rubber Silastic® (Dow Corning), FMQ
Highly Saturated Nitrile HNBR; HSN; Therban® (Bayer)
Natural Rubber NR; Hevea
Nitrile Rubber Buna N; NBR; Paracril® (Uniroyal)
Polyacrylate Rubber Polyacrylic; Hycar® (Goodrich); ACM
Polyurethane AR; EU; Adiprene® Vibrathane® (Uniroyal)
PTFE Teflon® (duPont)
SBR SBR; Duradene® (Firestone)
Silicone Rubber Silastic® (Dow Corning); MQ; VMQ; PMQ
Viton™ ETP (duPont) Viton "Extreme"

Internally Lubricated
FDA Compliant
NSF* 51 Certified
NSF* 61 Certified
UL Recognized
H4 Compliant Materials
3-A Sanitary Compliant

*A wide assortment of certified compounds are available. UL and NSF Certified compounds are manufactured by RT Dygert. Please contact All Seals for more information regarding UL and NSF Certified compounds.


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