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RUBBER PRODUCTS - Bumpers/Grommets

3M Bumpon
Atlantic India Products
Custom Molded and Rubber to Metal




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Our comprehensive inventory of extrusion dies gives our clients a nearly limitless selection of customized extruded parts, no matter what the field of application - from aerospace to appliances, from construction to computers.

Our extrusion profiles come in an equally matchless variety of elastomer compounds, including thermoplastics, neoprene, EPDM, PVC, SBR, polyethylene, silicone, polypropylene, nitrile, Vitron, latex, and natural rubber, among others.

From straight-forward commercial applications to the most advanced high-tech need, we understand the importance of delivering a quality product. We guarantee that each component you order will meet our high standards assured through precision engineering and exacting quality control, monitored at every stage of production.

Technical consultation is offered without cost or obligation. We start at square one to determine the most effective, economical extrusion available for your need.

Call us today. We'll be glad to discuss your requirements, and send you our current catalog.

  • Cut parts to any length available.
  • Short to medium runs are our specialty.
  • Excellent delivery schedules - with reasonable minimums.Gaskets, Tapes & Fabricated Parts

The precision tooling and fine craftsmanship required in the manufacture of custom designed gaskets, tapes and fabricated parts are solid reasons for coming to us.

Machined or molded surface-to-surface contact is a key engineering concern in many industries. We will design gaskets with virtually any set of specifications and features. Whether rounded, angled, undercut, slit, or bored, we will meet your most demanding requirements, and in the formula best suited to the need.

The growing demand for specialty tapes is met by our selection of sponge, foam, and solid tapes, with many pressure sensitive adhesive products available.

Custom fabrication of shaped foam elements requires a high degree of technical sophistication. We excel at highly detailed precision applications, such as those used in sound shaping or the protection of delicate electronic equipment. EPDM, cork, nitrile, neoprene, silicone, Vitron, polyurethane, Nobestos, and natural rubber are alls stock items.

Call today to speak with a service representative. Your needs will be appraised in detail, without cost or obligation.

Sheet Stock & Matting

The demanding uses of rubber sheet stock and matting requires a thorough knowledge of both materials and manufacturing technology. That's where we exceed.

Offering sheet stock up to 48" in width, and in any desired length, we will deliver the product that meets your specific commercial or industrial needs - on time, and within budget.

Our full inventory of stock materials - ranging from cork to natural rubber, and including an array of synthetic materials such as EPDM, nitrile, Viton, PVC, vinyl, polyurethane, and silicone - is available to meet your most difficult requirements.

Our mats, whether simple entrance units or anti-fatigue, interlocking industrial-use floor coverings, all provide durable service, designed for the highest degree of safety. Logo inlays or other specialty features are easily accommodated.

Determining the right product for the job is not always easy. A technical services representative is waiting to discuss any special application requirements you may have - no cost, and no obligation.

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